Kartheeban Nagenthiraja
COMPANY: Innoscan - Stevanato Group ROLE: Application Engineer

Dr. Kartheeban Nagenthiraja is appointed as application engineer at InnoScan (Denmark) with responsibility for technical sales and customer relationship.

He received his MSc.(Eng) from Aalborg University and later earned a PhD in medicine from Aarhus University.

Dr. Nagenthiraja has more than 12 years of experience within computer vision systems, image processing and machine learning in multiple application fields e.g. medical and surveillance imaging.

During his academic career he has co-authored several scientific papers and he is also co-inventor of multiple patents.

Dr. Nagenthiraja has a broad network in the field of computer vision and artificial intelligent systems mainly at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at Harvard University where he was appointed as researcher.

After several years in the research field Dr. Nagenthiraja decided it was time for a change of scenery and joined InnoScan.


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