Alain Kupferman
COMPANY: Pharma Consulting and Engineering ROLE: Industry Pharmacist

Alain KUPFERMAN is an industry pharmacist (title equivalent to Qualified Person).

Having studied pharmacy and industry pharmacy in Brussels, Belgium, he has worked with several international companies: RIT Belgium, CIBA (now Novartis), as head of the injectables plant in Switzerland, Bayer Germany, as technical coordinator for Europe and then as plant manager at Bayer Indonesia.

He then worked in the UK at Fisons as overseas technical coordinator before switching to consulting.

Mr Kupferman has specialised in factory design, with many realised projects in Asia (Korea, Indonesia, Viet Nam, India). He has also been collaborating for many years with international organisations such as WHO (performing site visits to vaccine and non-vaccine plants, giving technical assistance for the pre-qualification team to factories or as a trainer for industry and regulators), UNIDO (assessment of African pharmaceutical industry), Certipharm (audits of API and finished good manufacturers), etc.

He has been involved in many training programs, in conjunction with the same international organizations, with USAID and USP, mainly in Ghana to train inspectors, or as an individual consultant.

In addition, Mr Kupferman has been lecturing at the University of Strasbourg, France, Faculty of Pharmacy and at the King Mongkut University in Thonburi, Thailand, Faculty of Chemical Engineering.


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