Carina Van Eester
COMPANY: Datwyler Sealing Solutions ROLE: Project Manager Injection Systems

Carina Van Eester is a technical key account at Datwyler Sealing Solutions.

Her career has started in the pharma industry.  After 15 years of experience as a packaging development engineer and project manager, she moved to Datwyler.

Working now 9 years within the company, she first of all took care of complaints, technical support and projects at customers.  After 2 years, she moved to the role of global qualification and validation manager to set-up the Datwyler validation approach. 

She finished this function after 4 years with the validation of the new Datwyler rubber plant in India.  Now she is back in the Sales department supporting customers with all kind of technical questions, customer project portfolio management, internal project portfolio management and customer documentation and presentation.

Carina has gained a lot of experience in validation of Ready to Use components by gamma irradiation when she worked in the pharma industry.  The same approach has been used for the validation of the rubber and aluminium products produced by Datwyler Sealing Solutions and gamma irradiated by contract manufacturers.


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