Daniel Kehl
COMPANY: Swissfillon ROLE: CEO

 Daniel Kehl has a master degree in process engineering.

He has more than 20 years of experience in different fields of the Pharma industry, from the planning of industrial pharmaceutical production facilities to the aseptic filling of complex durg products.

During 10 years, he was working of the CMO company Lonza. As a project manager, he was responsible for large investment projects for the industrial production of biopharma drug substances.

After his Lonza career, 11 years ago, he created his own engineering company pixon engineering AG. He build up a team of 30 pharma-engineers, able to design, built and validate complex pharma production installations.

In 2013, together with international pharma partners, he founded the aseptic fill&finish company Swissfillon. As Co-owner and CEO of Swissfillon, together with a strong production team, he is about to establish swissfillon as an agile fill&finish CDMO company for complex, high value products.


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