Fabiano Nicoletti
COMPANY: International Commission on Glass ROLE: President

Fabiano Nicoletti has been and is a collaborator in several international technical committees and working groups. He was among the founders of the European Society of Glass Science and Technology (ESG), President of USTV (Union Scientifique et Technologique du Verre) and of the ESG 2000-2002, President of ICG (International Commission on Glass) 2009-2012.

Besides more than 30 scientific papers, he is also the author of the chapter “Glass Technologies” of the “History of the 20th Century” of the Enciclopedia Italiana Treccani and member of Editorial and Scientific Boards and Committees of various journals.

From 2012 he is Honorary President of ICG, Scientific Advisor and Member of the Board of Stevanato Group.


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