Ivy Louis
COMPANY: VIENNI Training & Consulting LLP ROLE: Founder Director of VIENNI Training & Consulting LLP

Ivy Louis is Founder Director of VIENNI TRAINING & CONSULTING LLP, an organization that builds excellence through training & consulting, while working with people & processes. She holds a Masters degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and MBA in Human Resource Management.

Her expertise in training emerges from her career of having been a teacher in pharmaceutical sciences, having worked in operations and quality domains in the pharmaceutical industry and having established a strong, credible validation and service vertical for Millipore, while she headed their Technical Services in India.

She has been a forerunner in establishing validation and support services for pharmaceutical customers in research, production and quality control/assurance areas, in India and parts of Asia through propagating the science and importance of filtration and validation, significance of microbiology, contamination & control; its monitoring in aseptic processing and its regulatory requirements.

In her current role she assumes the responsibilities of making measureable differences to operational and assurance efficiencies at various pharmaceutical organizations, through services that offer pragmatism in implementation. From the inception of the Parenteral Drug Association’s Chapter in India, she has been entrenched in leading the activities of the Chapter, initially as the Treasurer of the Chapter, and currently as its President.


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