Kristopher Howard
COMPANY: NRL Solutions ROLE: Consultant

Kris is a former Merck & Co. Inc employee who now consults for UNIDO.  His specialty is helping Pharma and Biotech companies to increase and optimize their production capacity to keep pace with their growing demand in a manner that is both financially efficient and maintains the highest level of product quality while complying with international GMP standards.  His focus while working with UNIDO has been helping rapidly growing SME companies in Africa to create an optimal production operations growth strategy that will bolster their regulatory posture and increase their technical capabilities in order to fuel their continued growth.  This includes:


  • Determining whether an acquisition, facility expansion, new facility construction or new partnership is the best means to keep pace with future sales growth
  • Determining the most appropriate scope and design for a new facility or existing facility expansion project
  • Ensuring the highest probability of success for executing these types of expansion projects
  • Optimizing the operational efficiency of existing production facilities


In his previous role, Kris evaluated and implemented local vaccine and biologic production deals in emerging market countries to facilitate Merck’s global expansion plans.  Prior to this, he was part of Merck’s team responsible for designing, constructing, starting up and optimizing production facilities around the world.  During his career he has worked extensively in the US, Latin America, Northern Africa and the entire span of Europe.  He has over 10 years experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.


Kris holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.  Although he is originally from the US, he has lived in various European countries since 2007.  Kris currently lives in Ireland with his wife Theresa and his sons Ronan and Oisin. 


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