Serena Panighello
COMPANY: SG Lab Analytics ROLE: Researcher

Serena Panighello is a researcher at SG Lab Analytics. SG Lab Analytics is an analytical laboratory entity, which operates as the Services dimension of Stevanato Group performing chemical analyses, surfaces and materials characterization and mechanical-functional testing on pharmaceutical packaging.

Her role is mainly related to the study of glass corrosion mechanisms and container-drug interaction consultancy. She is involved on the advanced analytical services that SG Lab Analytics offers to the Pharma customers to understand the containers properties and performances with respect to the customer needs and to mitigate and reduce the risk of interaction of containers with the drugs.

She earned a PhD in Chemical Sciences at Ca' Foscari University of Venice (Italy) within a joint research program with the National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana (Slovenia) on the “Development and Application of Laser Ablation ICP-MS for the Study of Glass and its Degradation”. She has great experience in multidisciplinary research mainly focused on fingerprinting of materials to characterize an artifact and the issues related to its degradation and conservation using chemical, physical, physico-chemical, mineralogical, petrographic, etc. methodologies. She received a research fellowship on the “Development of artificial aging and measurement protocols for glass”, focused on the artificial aging of industrial glasses in aqueous solutions at different pH values, through microwave-assisted leaching under high-temperature/pressure regimes. During the PhD she was awarded with the Paul Award for the best presentation at the New Researchers Forum during the SGT (Society of Glass Technology) annual Conference in Durham (UK).


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