Vishal Sharma
COMPANY: Vienni Training & Consulting LLP ROLE: Co-Founder of Vienni Training & Consulting LLP

Vishal Sharma, is the Co-Founder of VIENNI TRAINING & CONSULTING LLP, holds a Master’s
degree in Microbiology, and has a rich experience of the pharmaceutical industry in both Active
Pharmaceuticals and formulations quality functions. Vishal’s early years of being in the
pharmaceutical industry in microbiology helps him, continuously, in being a good solution
provider to Microbiology Functions, with his exposure of facing regulatory audits. This experience
also brings value to the various discussions that he has during the training that he conducts in
pharma and biotech organizations, from research and development to manufacturing process
monitoring. Having handled the filtration validation laboratory establishment, first as a project,
and subsequently to have led the operational set up to be a self-sustaining business vertical is an
He excels in trouble shooting, especially in the aseptic areas, microbiology, and sterilization
domain, with having developed scientifically valid approaches to qualification and validation
strategies, using Statistical Approaches. Vishal has added to the development of learning
organizations through optimization of processes and initiating alternate methods of learning. He
has been an advocate of having all training outcomes being implemented during daily work and
hence has added immense value to teams that have been trained under the training arm, and
with implementation of consulting ideas for daily efficiency enhancement.
Vishal also participates in, and leads the activities of the Parenteral Drug Association Chapter, as
a Board member and holds the post of Secretary in the Chapter.


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